The War on Black America

The War on Black America
By Kristin Richardson Jordan

You can sometimes bribe people but you cant buy the people’s power
You can pay for backs and hands but can’t rent a soul by the hour
See hearts and minds, they belong to their own master
So all attempts by the power hungry
Will eventually end in disaster
For low wage security workers
They won’t always protect the wealthy
As we won’t always hold allegiance
To a government that’s unhealthy
For it is only when only time only how we awake
It is not if or why so make no mistake
No matter the hospitals, broke schools, or jails my people go through
No matter the rapes, homelessness, or what the cops do
No matter the deeply self-hating and self-defeating places we’ve been
At the end of this war
We win

(c) 2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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