By Kristin Richardson Jordan

Three months before Tywanza Sanders was shot
he posted a picture wearing a shirt that said “I Can’t Breath”
showing solidarity with Eric Garner
I wonder just how deeply he knew
that could be him
would be him
he was not one of those “bad” kids
that is not to say that somehow it would be ok otherwise
but for those who talk backwards about
“thugs” having lives that lead to bullets
and end for a “reason”
just saying
he was not one of those
Tywanza studied and worked and wanted to go into broadcasting
he was quiet warm and helpful
they say
he was only 26
only 26 but of course when the gun when up his age didn’t matter
he stood in front of his aunt and said shoot me instead but that didn’t matter
he had just received a college degree to further his dreams but that didn’t matter
he could not save himself or his aunt
as his humanity was shot
and he became just another one of the Charleston nine

(c) 2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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