Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher

Most of us spin our wheels
Crash into walls, wallow in self-pity
And wander aimlessly
Wounded by past scars
Past and current slavery
We fear wide open spaces
And waters that show us our own reflection
We would rather sit behind windows
Watching the world through teardrops
Or sighs
Most of us are barely alive
We will ourselves shut
But not you
You are not like most of us
You bask in water and open spaces
You are genuinely unafraid
And I like that
So I’ve started to copy
Started to learn about
whole oceans I never knew about
Started to believe I could
That we could
Find ourselves human and whole
And be more than downtrodden
Doing more than staying Black
and dying
Thank you for teaching me
that wonderful secret

(c) 2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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