Our Lives Matter

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Our Lives Matter
by Kristin Richardson Jordan
Martin Garner Brown Boyd Bland Jones Smith Ferguson McKinney Baltimore Chicago
I feel the need to slow down these names
These stories that shoot like bullets in quick succession
through our social media streams like the late(st) Akai Gurley
This hate shoots first shoots to kill and plays cover up later.
It comes disguised as suicide and drops lies. Or excuses
I feel the need to slow down these names and this hate
but can’t
It is sharply ripping through us
And yet
I still see hope
Unbelievable Un-encouraged resistance that is still
Somehow after everything breathing
I find my family in these ruins and we somehow sit with loss after loss
And plan our liberation talk share
and feel
Still rebellious still alive
Still knowing our lives matter
Friday April 29th – book launch at SISTER’S UPTOWN BOOKSTORE 1942 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY 10032 @ 6-8pm
Saturday April 30th – staged reading at FREEDOM HALL 113 W 128th St New York, NY 10027 @ 1-3pm
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(c) 2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan
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