Mules Fight Back **New Release**

Kristin performing her signature poem “Mules Fight Back” page 95



Mules Fight Back by Kristin Richardson Jordan is a poetic response to the famous Zora Neale Hurston reference that the Black Woman is the “mule of the world”. Raising questions like, “What happens after breathing becomes a privilege?” and making statements like, “America is the abusive mother I never should have had” this collection of poems and stories depicts Kristin’s own personal and political journeys (which are still in progress) and covers a variety of important topics including but not limited to the activism of occupy and black lives matter movements, sexuality, family heritage, nationality, body image, history and current events all through the lens of Black womanhood.

This book was launched at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore in Harlem, NY on April 29th 2016.

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“Make Room” page 80 reading by Dinae Alize

“Dear Teacher” reading from page 54

“The Least We Can Do” page 47, “When Genocide Turns To War” page 85, and “Lost Script” page 66 readings by Larissa Jeanniton and performance by Kristin herself.

protest song tribute to the peace poets (not in the book) – “cold” page 78 reading by Jordan Delise Fleming “when genocide turns to war” page 85 reading by Justice Hampton

“What My Elders Teach Me” page 29

“Leaderful” page 76

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