Still Lucky: Trump’s Inauguration Day and My Grandfather’s Funeral

I read this yesterday at my grandfather’s funeral which coincidentally was Inauguration Day, a day of mourning all around but we still managed to celebrate life.

Still Lucky
By Kristin Richardson Jordan

Be yourself and hold your own
keep moving
and above all love is important

What it’s like to be a warrior with a kind heart and thick roots?

I remember being a little girl
sitting on a big couch
and listening to my granfather say
I love you
Blowing kisses before hanging up the phone
Poking fun at his daughter, my aunt
who started the kisses
He would blow kisses
By saying “humma humma humma”

My grandfather was a little like a snicker’s bar
Almost always sweet but every now and then
you catch your teeth on a nut

My grandfather was a spicy one
and he was going to do his own thing regardless
but he didn’t mean to be hard
and I don’t mean to be hard on him when I say this

I remember getting dressed for church
after being dragged out of bed
then visiting neighbors who
are now ancestors too
I remember on light days
watching my grandfather fiddle with old cassette tapes
fiddle with the sink
fiddle with the car
I remember that every time I called on the phone and asked him how he was
my grandfather would say
oh I’m fine now
and there was that sweetness, every time
Blowing kisses

I remember the few times my grandfather was vulnerable with me
I can count them on one hand and not even use all my fingers
I store them in my gut
they are not my secrets to share
so I wont

I remember when my grandmother died
I wrote a poem called lucky
It is so eerie now
to know both she and my grandfather are gone
Thelma Aldonia Jordan born August 19th, 1928 died on July 8th 2016
Victor Desmond Jordan born May 22nd, 1926 died on January 12th 2017
at least they had each other
Thelma Aldonia Jordan was survived by her loving spouse of 67 years
Victor Desmond Jordan was predeceased by his loving spouse of 67 years
that is not small
and at least I have the memories
that is not small

Grandma & Grandpa…my grandparents…I have no grandparents
but I HAD grandparents
for many more years than most
and I am grateful
Grandma & Grandpa
I love you both
sleep well
humma humma humma

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