Now and Later by Kristin Richardson Jordan

I would like to take “trumps wall”
And acknowledge that Obama’s
immigration policy was its prequel
Then pound it down to rubble
And share all the parts of it with the people
To build homes or toss around or just throw away that evil

I would like to take the power of “law”
And acknowledge that it serves those who are white and fearful
Then tilt the justice scales upside down
Knowing they were never designed to be equal
Then pause and look around to find the divinity within Black people
to reimagine self
to redefine what others say is “evil”

I would like to take Bannon’s brain and wack it with a…Oh wait did I
just say…
I should probably erase that
Fact: I would like to take all political games
And shower them with facts
To note all political gains
have roots in mass movement and “uppity Blacks”
hippies, radicals, artist, queers
to note and appreciate that

And I would like to bury Trumps dreams
in obscenities
And focus on humanity’s
A focus our current system lacks

(c) 2017 written by Kristin Richardson Jordan, author of the book Mules Fight Back

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