About Dulcina, the mother of Dwayne Jeune

To be a mom
to receive that blessing

A son

To be hypnotized by that

Unconditional love

That life you get to give

And nurish

Can you imagine

Being that mom
To be a mom

and find your baby is sick

Struggling with unseen illness

addicted to “acting erratically”

You struggle to help

You hope to be safe yourself

Can you imagine

Being that mom
And when you just don’t know where else to turn

To seek help

You call for support

but end up with a burial

putting your blessing in the ground

after another round of police violence

Where the world decided your son was

Too crazy and too Black

Can you imagine

Being that mom
And now all you have is that world

cause all you have left is hope

That this nation would finally keep its word

That there might be some justice even just once

So that yet another

Black life

Won’t be in vein
Your hope is in so many people

Folks you don’t even know

Hope that somewhere things will change

Can you imagine

Being that mom
(c) 2017 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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