About America’s Racism

About America’s Racism

I do not believe we can love away hate
I think what we can do is create
new ways of existing
Seeing one another as human

I do not believe in all being the same
I think what we need is to be equal
I am among those people
Unwillingly at war

And I do not blame
protesters against hate and brutality
for the hate and brutality received
While protesting
I do not see the “cause” of alt right
Fascists as anyway legitimate

And I do not blame
those who come to be peaceful and later become “violent”
For defending themselves
From said fascists who are violent and violating

And I do believe in love
but also in justice
And I do not believe the two are mutually exclusive

And I do believe in chance
But also that there is a destined outcome for this circumstance of white supremacy
And what that outcome will be
It will be as bloody as it has to be
And as safe as we can make it
But we will change it

(c) 2017 Kristin Richardson Jordan
kristin is the author of the book Mules Fight Back: 40 Activist Poems and Stories

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