(Affirmation 52) I am one of many

Despite what real fake news has said

radicals rarely seek destruction for it is a deep love of people (agape) that powers all freedom movement. This movement can’t help but bump up against the “scarcity” of this world and to sometimes be broken as this world is sometimes broken.

And yet we are still here. Organizers who try again. Protesters who go back out for another march. Authors who dare to write. Community advocates who dare to see themselves as un-apart from the community around them. Radicals who think critically about the world. Healers, teachers, preachers, builders, inventors, entrepreneurs, therapist who work for the love of people and the love of the work they do. Those of us (really all of us) who are not defined by what we are but who we are.

today’s affirmation: I am one of many

note: I have been on this journey of personal affirmation writing and sharing for some time now, my goal is to eventually write and share 365 affirmations and make a daily chap book for optimism, self esteem, and suicide prevention particularly for artists and activists. You can follow my affirmation writing online on FB or on my blog.

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