My wish to young writers…

1.May you hold the silence during the times you have writer’s block sitting with the uncertainty and discomfort, knowing that productivity is an allusion and from here you will grow, and you will find out more and write more than you ever imagined

2. May you not let the “real” world beat you down to doing “practical” things and thus not allowing you to just be, to just explore yourself and what’s around you, to just write as/if/when you feel drawn to do so

3. May you realize the ever elusive victory within, the result of your own inner revolution, where you topple other people’s expectations of you and replace that oligarchy with open socialistic democratic dialogue between all your parts calling all your spirits into one spirit

4. May you realize you are already rich, already brilliant, already abundant, be all these things within and know your outside circumstances will reflect this in god’s time

5. May you let go of fear, cynicism, capitalism, and self-doubt (the real writer’s blocks)

6. May you be in the now. Even when the now is unpleasant and has hijacked what you wish you could be doing in this moment

7. May you know yourself and love yourself well enough to honor yourself

Warmest regards,


on behalf of BIRTHRIGHT’s *Gift 20 youth an Afrocentric writing and community theatre experience fundraising campaign*

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