On Voting

I rarely ever vote for a politician. I make it out to the polls as a promise to my great aunt and other Black ancestors but I often find myself not just disenchanted but COMPLETELY MORTIFIED with the choices and so my general M.O. is to focus on ballot initiatives, maybe a third party or socialist party candidate, write in campaigns, I only vote for people of color, when there are no options I write in someone who I wish was an option (may be someone dead or alive) make it up, etc. However today I find myself voting for Letitia James.

Though she has since changed back to the Democratic Party, James was the first member of the Working Families Party to win office in New York State, and the first third-party member to be elected to the city council since 1977. She is a public defense lawyer and activist and is currently New York City Public Advocate and the first African American woman to hold citywide office. She established the Urban Network, a coalition of African American professional organizations aimed at providing scholarships for young people, she promoted the Primary Health Care Development Bill in the City Council, which expanded day care resources for working families across the city, she has taken part in taking down unlawful lending practices and business exploitation, she negotiated the Welfare Reform Act on behalf of the New York State Black and Puerto Rican Caucus. I am not mortified. I am not choosing the lesser of two evils. I am voting for her.

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