Then and now and the world and we

Everything in the world about me
Is also about ME
For what is without is within

Every sin around me
Is also within me
For wherever there is Yang
There is Yin

Everything I do is both old and new
For time does not end
Nor begin

And so me and you
Whatever we choose
We human family
Are kin

What does it mean that some of our kin is killing others?

Quite literally cousins stab at each other

Fathers deport to Mexico
Mothers on drugs
Uncles are planting pipe bombs and
Aunts are saying “good job”
Nieces and nephews want to find the best iPhone XS
And people are drunk on excuses
And obsessed with excess
The blues is pretty much the new international anthem
What does it mean that we fail
At humanity

The insanity
Is that somehow in all that failure is power
Light power mixed with the night
Prayers for peace mixed in with a fight
To end fighting
And yet nothing is permanent so we know all we can do is grow
Learning with each clash along the way we grow
Even as history repeats again
(Cause we missed the lesson)
We grow
The blessing is another chance
Which the universe always grants us

Poem titled “Then and now and the world and we”
(c) 2018 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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