A Poem for Fall

The truth is where and when there is a ton of noise you doubt yourself
Where there are a whole bunch of modus operandi you doubt yourself
Where your emotional mental and spiritual needs are suppressed you doubt yourself
Where fire is all around you and coming at you and it surrounds you
You forget your own fire
Much less your own water
You forget that while you are
No island
You have all the elements within
And without reflects within
So as you beat yourself up
Other people places and experiences beat you up
Without reflects within
And still there is no need to blame yourself
What happens is supposed to happen
Your lessons are what you came here for

You will have to change as you grow though
As you cannot unknow what you know
No matter how uncomfortable it gets
It is what it is
And as you remove your mask
Others will remove theirs too or if they were
Only there for the mask
flee and that is of great asset to you

You will see what before
You could not see
That you can have you whole self
And the love of other people
Without controlling yourself or other people
For those are the masks
So mask-less you will at times be running too
Away from what you now know is not meant for you
Not from fear but as a Choice

We become afraid of fall
Of the season before the coldest season
Of death
We become afraid of separation
Of loss, of loss love
but we shouldn’t be
God provides

(c) 2018 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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