Day of Nia dinner discussion

Hi all

Kwanzaa continues with tonight’s Day of Nia Kwanzaa dinner at freedom hall. If you’re interested in coming through shoot me a text. These are our discussion questions (online discussion also encouraged!) much love

1. “Purpose is not about us. It’s not about who we are. It is way bigger than our dreams and our desires”

-speaker RJ Jackson

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

2. What is your personal mission? And what do you think your soul came here to do?

3. Talk about one personal spiritual interpersonal or intellectual gift that you feel you possess. Where did this gift come from? How and where do you use this gift?

4. Who do you consider a leader in/of your community? Why? What is their purpose?

5. If God created all tribes and all people for a reason and a purpose, why do you think African-Americans exist?

6. I believe service to our community and humanity is our purpose. Do you agree? If so what is something you have done/currently do to help someone else grow?

7. According to the founder of Kwanzaa, Dr. Maulana Karenga out purpose is to “bring good into the world”. Do you feel celebrating cultural heritage brings good into the world? Why or why not and if so how so?

8. Dr. Maulana Karenga has said that according to spiritual texts ALL humans are chosen and they are chosen not above anyone else but with everyone else. In what ways do you feel powerfully chosen? In what ways do you not?

9. Do you feel part of your purpose is to serve and build your own community and if so, how so? Do you feel this is sometimes at the expense of others? Do you feel building your own community serves humanity in general? Does it matter if it does or doesn’t serve humanity in general to build your own community?

10. In what ways do you celebrate and/or honor family? What do you believe is the collective purpose of family?

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