I am the bridge

I wrote this poem today on new year’s eve in honor of Kuumba the 6th day of Kwanzaa which means creativity. This piece is an ode to my fellow artists without which the world would not know what it is and what it can be. Creativity is at the core of change and change and creativity are everything. It is how we see our past understand our present moment and move into our destiny. It is my belief that creativity, art, Kuumba, will always lead the way. This poem is called “I am the bridge”.

I am the bridge

I am the bridge between working with what is here and building something new

I am the bridge between where my people have been and where they are going to

I am the bridge between devils and angels

being that I am a spiritual human being looking at the world from different angles

I am the bridge between seen and unseen

between slut and queen

between kind and mean

between baby and grave

between free and enslaved

between ignorance and grace

I guess at my place

and create

(c) 2018 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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