What is this? Water & Light

A friend of mine saw the title of my new book and said wtf I thought you were in an abusive relationship. I told her that I was and that what the book is partly about is what love is NOT than it is about what love IS, knowing love is respect.

This is how the universe works. We are given contrast so that we can find our way to our light. We are shown first what is not meant for us and what we do not want, so we can learn what we do want, than we can go in the direction of what we actually want. If you want to know more about this concept check out Abraham Hicks

Personally and as a society I/we have spent a lot of focused energy on what I/we don’t want. I have done it. You have done it. Everybody does it. We stay in jobs that drain our energy and around people we are incompatible with or in relationships that are toxic or in spaces that do not serve our soul. It’s human and it is part of our personal journey and spiritual growth to learn from and move from past history (both personally and collectively) if we choose to. It is interesting to be putting this book out as the world is talking about R. Kelly because we will have to make a choice about the world we want to see and with that – the art and artists and media that we support, money is an extension of spirit and it speaks to our values. I am not just talking about my own book, I look forward to seeing more socially conscious work and more and more socially conscious art and artists generally, I believe that is where we are headed and what is coming next.

Choosing love is choosing ourselves AND others at the same time knowing that those two things are one and the same and allowing for an awareness of compatibility and manifesting the kind of healthy loving relationships we want and the kind of world we want. Choosing love is choosing relationships that work for both people and knowing that anything that does not work for one person automatically does not work for both (you or them, and if one partner is violent it works for neither you nor them).

I have a book launch party of my new book “Water & Light: Choose Love Now” that will take place at Freedom Hall at 113 W. 128th Street Harlem, NY on Tuesday January 22nd from 6pm – 10pm (pizza wine cake starts at 6pm, show starts at 7pm, book signing at 8:30pm). Please share info and invite friends.

The book will also be available on amazon and at pens up press starting Jan 22nd

Looking for other spaces venues and organizations where I can do a reading be on a panel perform or host a book signing, if you have any ideas or connects that align please dm me.

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