Love Is

Love Is

Love is not I-am-with-you-forever

Love is I care about your well-being forever

So even if I disagree with you I love you

And even if I do not feel safe with you

And am incompatible with you

I love you

For even if I cannot be with you I love you

For I know

Separation can be as loving an act 

As collaboration


Love is not you-pissed-me-off-so-now-I’m-done

But love also is not I-give-up-parts-of-myself-or-give-up-my-wants-and-needs-to-be-with-you

Love is respect even if the other person is disrespectful

But Love is not turn the other cheek or go along to get along

Love is realizing we are both cheeks

And so we must shine our light


Love IS I value US so much so that I see our well-being as more important than whether there is or isn’t an “us”

Love is I value the space and support others need (which they self-define) that allows them to shine their light

Love is I value what is safe and supportive to me (which I self-define) so I can shine my own light

Love is a great gift and sometimes contains the greatest gift which is to know who we cannot be with

So now we know how to unconditionally love 

So now we know what we want


Love is I know myself and I know you

I celebrate me and I celebrate you

And I celebrate you enough to know you are not defined by your actions

That even as I keep myself safe I know the only thing we are all ever defined by is our light

Love than is not about control

It is definitely not about policing bad behavior 

Because love is not forced connection

So it is not about policing at all

Nor is it needing to get along with everybody

Love is live and let live

It is celebrating another’s light

It is freedom change respect radical humanitarianism and spiritual revolution. 

Choose love now.

Rooted in my personal experience with an abusive relationship which has included having objects thrown at me, shoving, and cyber bullying (my ex has even followed this blog and liked this post in violation of an order of protection), Water & Light: Choose Love Now is a collage of my poetry, journal entries, and political/social commentary on my experience and on the ways in which we relate to each other as human beings with an ultimate action call to love, knowing love is respect.

I have a book launch party of my new book “Water & Light: Choose Love Now” that will take place at Freedom Hall at 113 W. 128th Street Harlem, NY on Tuesday January 22nd from 6pm – 10pm (pizza wine cake starts at 6pm, show starts at 7pm, book signing at 8:30pm). Please share info and invite friends.

The book will also be available on amazon and at pens up press starting Jan 22nd

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