Water & Light Choose Love Now – book signing today

Often times as women we feel the need to fulfill everyone else’s needs and, if you are a woman of color, add to that the burdens of racism and discrimination and, if you are a survivor of abuse, add to that the weight of survival. So sometimes we forget to just feel our blessings. We forget to just find and be with what sparks joy within us. Than others (energy vampires) are all too happy to take what they falsely perceive as theirs. But today is the culmination of over a year of writing and re-writing my book and despite what I’ve lived through in the past, I am very grateful and extremely blessed at this time, “Water & Light: Choose Love Now” is being released today. Putting out this book while watching this president and looking at our world today, it feels more relevant than ever. For I believe choosing love is what the world needs at this time, love for ourselves and others and an end to both patriarchy and white supremacy. I want to be clear that when I say “love” I mean love as respect and I do not just mean love for the male and rich and powerful which we know and have already, I mean love for the “meek” for the “least of these”, and love as respect for young Black girls, because I wrote this book for a younger me.

My book signing is today 6pm – 9pm at Freedom Hall, 113 West 128th street Harlem, NYC. Hope to see you there. Much love and light.