Spiritual revolution III

Go on now do it

Tell the children the truth

The bitter story won’t do

The easy story is not true

Tell them the work

Of letting go of every

violent lie

you’ve ever held onto

Go on now do it

Tell the children your shame

Tell them the violence we are in

And the bloody path from whence we came

Let go of being perfect

Tell them the secret

That we are all yin and yang

That we all always have the choice to love

Or not

that at times we’ve not

that others have done the same

Go on now do it

Tell them the messy and the awful

The strong the weak and the strange

And also AWESOME

Than do the movement of Sankofa

And keep faith

Move forward while looking back

and KNOW

after hope comes MORE HOPE

after change comes MORE CHANGE

(c) 2019 Kristin Richardson Jordan

Kristin is the author of the books “Mules Fight Back” and “Water & Light: Choose Love Now” available where books are sold