Our calling to fulfill

The past two days have held so much for me spiritually. The day before yesterday I went to a meeting titled “our calling to fulfill” an interfaith meeting for Intergenerational Justice at st. Philips church here in Harlem. It was not for the church though it was for the people, it was free and open to the community. It was not for any one faith it was for all faith and just about choosing love the presence of God and our continuous journey towards liberation, our human project. I believe in the end that’s what it’s about human family. In the end it’s about the beginning, about genesis about God’s creation. It is love in the form of radical humanitarianism. It is deciding to be a human family. It is Black and not white Jesus (please note I am not condemning white people I am condemning the idea/ideal of white Jesus and I am not condemning Christianity, I’m Christian, I’m condemning the idea/ideal of white Jesus).

…Now I’m going to say this and others can just take it how they will but that is why the last will be first. Some Black people who have served one master – not the slave master THE master and not themselves the master which is also serving the people and serving people understand. Any church actually about Christ understands. Some Jews understand. Anyone focused on serving the people whether they are religious or not understands. Disenfranchised women understand and LGBTQIA, queer community, understand. Some socialist and political radicals understand (the ones that aren’t obsessed with guns). The last will be first. Not by might by love. Not in a hostile take over but by choice. It is a choice to love. And to understand love is respect. Not just love and respect for the rich and powerful and male and armed with guns. Love and respect for “the lease of these”. Those with a deep multiethnic multifaceted faith in our creator understand. They and faith communities have faith right now. They and I know change is coming. It doesn’t come one time it keeps on coming. This is the magic of Black history month or as one of my radical friends calls it Black legacy month. It is a legacy of faith and love of the people and a deep knowing of the presence of God and as Octavia Butler has said knowing “God is Change”. It is Imani the last day of Kwanzaa. It is the movement of Sankofa. It is a Christ-like life, it is loving the people, it is change for the good of humanity. It is the choice to love. We need spiritual revolution now. There’s just one human family and that’s it. Black lives matter.