Resistance Builds Too

It spreads like fire

the abated

slightly alienated

flames of white supremacy

that were deprived of oxygen

for only a nanosecond



flames surge

As if they need remind us

Of their entitlement

That there is always fire

That man will forever need fire

That fire rules the earth

But resistance builds too

Like those trees that were missed in the last burning

The fire did not know how much more they would grow and that they would reach other trees and sprouts

And teach other trees and sprouts the way to growth

Resistance builds too

Like even the scorched earth

Which having been cleared of food and weeds alike

Starts again

Like all those healers and teachers

Legacy makers and plant leaders

That climbed the right rocks

And were blessed by the sun

And escaped the fire

And with cries to the heavens

Ears to the people

Sharp words to the politicians

And feet to the streets

they bring the rain

It spreads like water

(c) 2019 Kristin poem titled “Resistance Builds Too” – Written for the New Zealand Mosque Massacre