Harlem is Own

Harlem is home

Of youth

Of old souls, small biz

and busy restaurants

loud radios play background to old mens’ street chess

as African women ask to braid your hair

Harlem is home

to pant’s sagging, hips shaking,

du-rag wearing “vagabonds”

and white-talking, suit wearing

jewelry a-twirlin’ “uppity negros”

and hipsters

and gentrifiers

and all things in between

But mostly Harlem’s the womb of words

Birthing creativity

spoken music dancing jazz paint cooking sewing collage poem

the art is behind every lamp post

in the mailboxes

under hats and hoods

crawling the cracks of the street

there’s the art

and no. matter. what.

one of Harlem’s own will grab you

with soul

(c) written by Kristin Richardson Jordan

at the The Studio Museum in Harlem

Painting behind me was on display at the time, done by @Amy Sherald

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Harlem is Own