The leap

@ my poetry workshop discussing leaps in life

⁃ going to college

⁃ choosing lovers

⁃ army and other forms of service

⁃ moving away from home

⁃ changing jobs

with Rev. Mack Cuneton

and Eddie Fletcher

“Most leaps are great” – Eddie Fletcher

The Leap by Jack Nicklin

There’s a gap from here to there

And there’s a drop below

But who am I to stop and stare

And still think I can grow

If I stand and look across

The wait fills me with fears

While ‘round my feet the jealous moss

Like shackles fast appears

And if I step with tiny feet

Then doubtless would I fall

So jump, my friend, and jump complete

Or else don’t jump at all

So last deep breath and crouch I down

And toes turn I aright

And fears dispel and wav’rings drown

-And launch I into flight

Ha! Yes I’ve leapt, and from the air

It’s suddenly so clear

That strength was neither then nor there

But now! And me! And here!