Caban campaign night!

Tiffany Caban is Queens DA!!!

I mean COME ON a public defender for DA?!?!? that is so freaking cool!!#blackandbrownunity #CabanForQueens #PeoplePowered #ResistIce #puplicdefender

Trucking out to Queens from Harlem for this was ABSOLUTELY worth it. #teamcaban #localpolitics #knowyourcandidates

*BECAUSE* and here is the beauty of it * THIS is how change happens. These are the movements that pave the way, these are the movements that show us what is possible. In the face of adversity racism unfettered capitalism mass incarceration and white supremacy these are the people and campaigns that keep us sane, human, and humane, as they remind us what our destiny is.

There is one human family and we will come to realize that. Systems of brutality of mass incarceration of vilification and degradation, like those challenged by Caban in this campaign will fail and fall.

We will have new leadership on national and local levels. We will have new ways of being in the world and of living in community with one another. We will have diversity and symbolic and substantive representation. It can and will happen.

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair”

– Shirley Chisholm