Disrupt The District: Black History Open Mic Thank You

Four days ago I was honored at the Disrupt the District Open Mic: Black History Month Edition. I would like to sincerely thank all those who participated for their love and light.

Full of extra gratitude for our host Lamar Legba and for performers Bliss Kwanun, Tansu, Ken Taylor, Betty Pierre, Mikki Maat, Afromayan, Marcus Potts and Dante Harrell among others
And to featured artist KEVIN TANN

Thank you also to each and every person who made a donation at this event!!! Morgan Cuffie, Madick Cat, Desmond Jordan Mark Joseph Ken Taylor, William Davis, A. Monno, Crystal Williams, Azrael Jesai, Tansu, Jennifer Marshall, Kei Philip Collin Prosser, Sarah Phillips, Travis Lewis, and all others

Your contributions of money, time, talent, and positive energy make this campaign possible. #peoplepower #kristinforharlem #disruptthedistrict

missed it? you can still donate at Kristinforharlem.com and/or look out for the next one on March 26th at Harlem Nights!