The “L” in Harlem Stands for Living Longer

picture caption: Looking back appreciating the force that was Nevil Pierre. I still remember sitting w/ him at #CentralHarlem #Senior Citizens’ Center on 140th street between Lenox and 7th debating politics and current events every Thursday for years, #Harlem Seniors are a wealth of knowledge.‬

There is no end to what I have learned from the time I spent working in senior centers doing poetry and current events workshops and connecting to my Harlem community. I would not trade the connections or the friendships for anything and so, as I run for office, I have been intentionally including the voices and needs of seniors. It it the reason why the “L” in my Kristin for H.A.R.L.E.M. political platform stands for “Living Longer and Living Well” and is focused on Senior care.

I am for funding our community’s senior centers to provide resources that improve seniors’ health, sense of safety and life satisfaction. Specifically I will advocate for:

  1. Increasing the funding for local senior centers and specifically earmarking funds for paid staff who can serve as advocates for seniors.
  2. Establishing actually affordable housing including senior housing.
  3. Designating funds for creative aging programs like the poetry workshops Kristin’s run at local senior centers in the past. ((if they ask where- Central Harlem Senior Center and A. Philip Randolph senior center))

You can learn more about my stance on the issues at and if you have the means please make a contribution to this grassroots campaign.