A KRJ Note on 911

At the risk of alienating some folks I have to say that while speaking to 911 experiences resonates with me (as a New Yorker, as someone who had to evacuate my high school that day, as someone who’s parents are first responders and one of whom went down to the towers that day), we have to be OK having big picture conversations about the context of this day. It is not ok to speak to acts of terror and not also speak to terrorizing acts of US imperialism. We have to confront violence, American imperialism, and white supremacy even while we grieve the loss we’ve experienced. We have to understand that at the heart of the matter every life (whether that person is an American or not) has value. I do not say this to diminish or ignore anyone’s pain or trauma or loss on this day. I say this because we need to de-escalate, demilitarize, and disarm as a nation so that there is less death. I do not know the exact ways in which we move from this violent world to a non-violent one (certainly gun control and defunding the military industrial complex is part of it) but I know simple, small, steps is part of the work. That’s why I dedicated some time today to sharing information on non violence and de-escalation.