Schools are Closing and Reopening, Many Students are in Crisis and the Failings of Our Education System Can No Longer Be Ignored

As an educator myself, I was not at all surprised by the City’s mismanagement of things. A pandemic of this magnitude is unprecedented in our lifetimes, and the City’s failure isn’t rooted in their inability to predict and prepare for COVID-19 specifically. Rather, it has a deeper and more insidious cause: the systematic and long-term neglect of our schools.

White Supremacy on Parade: What Happened at Capitol Hill.

White supremacy is so deeply embedded in police culture and the USA in general that peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters were brutalized last summer while white terrorists were red carpeted into the U.S. Capitol so they could trash it last night. The hypocrisy is blatant, and just another reminder of who the police really protect and serve, which is why we need to hold police accountable, reallocate funds, and address white supremacy and hate head on.

Trump Out, Now Let’s Disrupt the District

We did not see a “blue wave” against Trump as many predicted. However, the victories of many democratic socialists, both in the primaries and general election, means that the people are seeking a bold alternative to establishment politics. The people are ready to take control of left-wing politics and move towards building a true multiracial people-powered workers movement that fights against fascism, capitalist greed and injustice. There is nowhere that deserves our attention in this fight more than here in the heart of Harlem and the role of City Council is more important than ever.