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Harlem Day

Back from Harlem day with Roxanne Leak and Marcus Potts. Spent the day talking to people about police accountability and passing out flyers. #HarlemDay #Harlemweek #Harlemmonth #disruptthedistrict #kristinforharlem

Disrupt the District with Quality Education House Party

Group pic from our first Kristin For Harlem house party fundraiser!

#disruptthedistrict #kristinforharlem

Read my H.A.R.L.E.M. platform and become a “disruptor” at kristinforharlem .com to stay in the loop!

Let’s re-write this sign.

Let’s re-write this sign.

Together we can abolish this system

Here are the things you can do to help make a free public transportation system for all:

⁃ swipe someone else in with your monthly metro when you exit the subway

⁃ Lobby MTA and legislators to reduce the fairs

⁃ Vote out those who do not believe in a free public transportation system

⁃ Vote in those who believe in a free public transportation system

Kristin For Harlem pic

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Enjoyed watching @elizabethplayswithcrayons dancing at MIST last night in Harlem

Fire Pantaleo!

Join NYC Shut It Down and Jewel Miller and Legacy Garner of The Legacy That Eric Garner Left Behind on the 5-year-anniversary of the murder of Eric Garner as we continue to fight for vengeance for him and his daughter Erica Garner.

We will be meeting at 6pm at the Staten Island side of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

Following a brief rally we will march to the site of Eric’s death and pay our respects to the man whose murder helped ignite the Black Lives Matter movement.


On July 17, 2014 the NYPD murdered Eric Garner for the alleged crime of selling untaxed cigarettes. Five years later, the cop who killed him has not faced any charges and is not only still employed by the NYPD, he has received a raise. Erica Garner, Eric’s daughter, will not live to see any form of justice for her father, after passing away in December 2017, yet another casualty of police terror. Ramsey Orta, a friend of Eric who filmed the killing, was subsequently harassed and arrested by a vengeful NYPD and is still incarcerated upstate.

Meanwhile, the NYPD continues their reign of terror in Black and Brown neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs, using the same racist broken windows policing methods that killed Eric. The Garner family and The Legacy That Eric Garner Left Behind continue to fight for justice, and NYC Shut It Down stands in support of them, demanding vengeance for Eric and Erica Garner. Join us as we remember their lives and continue their fight.

At the People’s Forum

Enjoyed this tenant rights training tonight @peoplesforumnyc run by Right to Council @RTCNYC

Sint Maarten Ancestry

This is a picture of me was taken four years ago by the salt pond in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten where my family is from.

My Ancestors

By Kristin Richardson Jordan

I dig for those in my family tree

Closeted histories tucked away in the leaves

Pain’s buried then deep with longings to forget

And attempts to protect the children

So now in this generation

I dig through these leaves

Fishing for remnants and missing memories

Stories about how my people survived

For there is great strength here tucked inside my family tree

Everyday Creative People

@Dena Adriance thank you so much for the opportunity to be a guest on your podcast show “Everyday Creative People”!

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