The “Disrupt the District Podcast” is a political podcast released every other week by the Kristin for H.A.R.L.E.M. campaign for New York City Council (District 9, #harlem). Featuring City Council Candidate and Democratic Socialist Kristin Richardson Jordan #jordan2021, as well as cabinet members: Seshat Mack (Campaign Manager), Marc Lamar (Co-Treasurer), Carmen Jimenez (Treasurer), Roxy Leak (Scheduler), and Lamar Legba (Field Director), the podcast covers the grassroots campaign, race, gender, sexuality, socialism, radicalism, black liberation, human rights, and of course, disrupting the district with radical love.

In the inaugural episode, host Lamar Legba, asks Kristin and the cabinet about their roles in the #DisruptTheDisrupt City Council Campaign, the H.A.R.L.E.M. of the #kristinforharlem platform, Bernie Sander’s resignation, Joe Biden’s VP pick, the 2024 Democratic candidate, and how they have been coping with the Corona pandemic in their personal and political lives.

Kristin Richardson Jordan for New York City Council

Lamar Legba

Carmen Jimenez-Robbins

Marcus Potts

Roxanne Leak

Seshat Mack