Host A House Party

If you are able to host a house party fundraiser please let us know! (Email: or We can come through with flyers and the candidate (Kristin) and you can invite your friends/community to learn more and contribute to the campaign.

Here is a sample invitation message:

I’m a supporter of Kristin Richardson Jordan and the Kristin for Harlem “Disrupt the District” campaign. She is a Black Queer Woman who is a 3rd generation Harlemite running for city council in District 9 – Harlem. She is running an incredibly left and progressive agenda and I am holding a house party fundraiser and community conversation for the campaign on [party details] at [location details]. We will focus on the [name letter and part of the platform that you want to focus on]. All donated funds will be matched 8 to 1 so your contribution will be very important for our campaign activities. Will you come out to the meeting and support this campaign?

Here is what you want on your welcome table:

Contribution Cards

This form must be filled by those donating by cash or check. For those who are able please encourage them to donate online.

Copies of The Kristin for Harlem (print link can be found at the bottom of that webpage that lists the platform)

A computer open to our sign up page. Please have everyone sign up!

Here is a possible format for your meeting:

First 15 min

Welcome and ice breaker/go around with names

next 20 min

Welcome and read through of Kristin’s platform. If she can she will be there and take questions.

next 25 min (closing out the first hour)

Open mic (let any artist who want to perform something for the community)

next 30 min – Topic discussion

Pick a point on the platform to go deeper with, watch one of these videos and have a community conversation. Any suggestions or feedback you have for us can be sent to the campaign.


Disrupt the District with Quality Education Video

Last 30 min

Final donation ask, close out, and take a group picture. This is a picture from our very first house party!

img 3860

We recommend making house parties 3 hours and allowing half an hour at the beginning and half an hour at the end for people to come mix and mingle.

Please let us know when and where you are hosting a party so we can forward that information out to the community! (Email: or