Kristin Richardson Jordan’s “Disrupt The District” Campaign spells H.A.R.L.E.M.

H: Holding Police Accountable & Abolition

  • Give full investigative abilities and real power to an elected Civilian Review Board in order to address police brutality and hold officers accountable.
  • Divert funds from NYPD and Department of Corrections to invest in alternatives to alternatives to incarceration (i.e. mental health treatment, youth courts, drug courts, supervised release, and restorative justice programs)
  • Remove the NYPD from the MTA!
  • Close Rikers by 2027 without building any new jails.

A: Affordable Housing

  • Highly regulate landlords with universal rent control, rent stabilization, and a transfer of slumlord buildings to tenant ownership. 
  • Redefine “affordable” housing and adjust the metrics to make it truly affordable based on tenant income
  • End homelessness by making homes (not just shelters) for the homeless population.

R: Redistributing Wealth

  • Support and advocate for increasing taxes on the city’s richest 1% (or even in some cases 0.1%!) of residents, using the funds to address income disparities and to eliminate poverty and homelessness

L: Living Longer and Living Well

  • Support and fund our community’s senior centers to provide resources that improve seniors’ health, sense of safety and life satisfaction
  • Advocate for and advance gun control legislation, violence intervention programs and mental health services to enhance Harlemite’s quality of life.

E: Education for all and Environmental Justice

  • Fight for an end to our two-tier education system by increasing the Dept. of Ed. budget to provide smaller class sizes and a culturally rich curricula that reflects the diversity of our city. 
  • Eliminate the SHSAT test and expand the Community School program, an education model that allows for healthcare, mental health services, and other social services to be readily available to students and families.
  • Advocate for environmental health protections for our community, putting the welfare of people before profits.

M: Meaningful Change

  • Kristin Richardson Jordan is Black, a lesbian, a woman, an activist, an artist, a teacher, an author, a small business owner and a social justice warrior. She believes in full employment, free quality education, free public transportation, and prison abolition. ONCE elected, Kristin would be the youngest person in history AND the first out LGBTQ individual to hold this office. 

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