White Supremacy on Parade: What Happened at Capitol Hill.

White supremacy is so deeply embedded in police culture and the USA in general that peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters were brutalized last summer while white terrorists were red carpeted into the U.S. Capitol so they could trash it last night. The hypocrisy is blatant, and just another reminder of who the police really protect and serve, which is why we need to hold police accountable, reallocate funds, and address white supremacy and hate head on.

The Path towards Abolition: Dismantling a Broken System and Rebuilding from the Ground Up

I, and those with me, aim to slowly phase out our reliance on police by defunding, disempowering and demilitarizing officers and departments. We aim to reinvest that money into our communities and prevent crime by addressing issues of poverty. And further, we aim to empower our communities through community accountability programs and community care governance. That’s the movement we’re building.

The NYPD is Beyond Reform

If the NYPD’s response to citizens protesting police brutality is to make an even bigger show of force, and to terrorize those they are meant to “serve” and “protect”, then they cannot be entrusted to abide by any of the current toothless proposed “reforms.”