Here’s an Idea: Let’s House the Homeless

I firmly believe in housing New York City’s homeless…in homes, not shelters. Housing is a human right and the amount we pour into the shelter system as opposed to directing funds towards a homes guarantee is a dreadful shame. If elected to New York City Council I commit to establishing a pilot program to house the homeless in District 9.

Schools are Closing and Reopening, Many Students are in Crisis and the Failings of Our Education System Can No Longer Be Ignored

As an educator myself, I was not at all surprised by the City’s mismanagement of things. A pandemic of this magnitude is unprecedented in our lifetimes, and the City’s failure isn’t rooted in their inability to predict and prepare for COVID-19 specifically. Rather, it has a deeper and more insidious cause: the systematic and long-term neglect of our schools.

Trump Out, Now Let’s Disrupt the District

We did not see a “blue wave” against Trump as many predicted. However, the victories of many democratic socialists, both in the primaries and general election, means that the people are seeking a bold alternative to establishment politics. The people are ready to take control of left-wing politics and move towards building a true multiracial people-powered workers movement that fights against fascism, capitalist greed and injustice. There is nowhere that deserves our attention in this fight more than here in the heart of Harlem and the role of City Council is more important than ever.

We need an Elected Civilian Review Board to Hold Police Accountable, not a Rubber Stamp System.

The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) is a farce. Board members are appointed by the mayor, police commissioner, and city council as opposed to being elected by the communities they represent and serve. Rather than appointees on a board making only symbolic recommendations, we need elected boards filled with community members, making decisions that are considered final and not open to the police commissioner’s discretion. Only then will the CCRB have a chance at being an actual advocate for the community and to actually hold police accountable.

The Path towards Abolition: Dismantling a Broken System and Rebuilding from the Ground Up

I, and those with me, aim to slowly phase out our reliance on police by defunding, disempowering and demilitarizing officers and departments. We aim to reinvest that money into our communities and prevent crime by addressing issues of poverty. And further, we aim to empower our communities through community accountability programs and community care governance. That’s the movement we’re building.

The NYPD is Beyond Reform

If the NYPD’s response to citizens protesting police brutality is to make an even bigger show of force, and to terrorize those they are meant to “serve” and “protect”, then they cannot be entrusted to abide by any of the current toothless proposed “reforms.”