Mules Fight Back 40 Activist Poems and Stories by Kristin Richardson Jordan

Mules Fight Back by Kristin Richardson Jordan is a poetic response to the famous Zora Neale Hurston reference that the Black Woman is the “mule of the world”. Raising questions like, “What happens after breathing becomes a privilege?” and making statements like, “America is the abusive mother I never should have had” this collection of poems and stories depicts Kristin’s own personal and political journeys (which are still in progress) and covers a variety of important topics including but not limited to the activism of occupy and black lives matter movements, sexuality, family heritage, nationality, body image, history and current events all through the lens of Black womanhood.

This book was launched at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore in Harlem, NY on April 29th 2016.

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What people are saying about Mules Fight Back

5.0 out of 5 stars Timely, relevant, bold!!!

on May 5, 2016
I heard this poet recite the title poem from this book. I quickly purchased it. I am truly impressed. This book is a mix of many themes relavent to the current racial and political climate in america. I found the book to be right on time and a voice for many today. I share many of the same sentiments of the author. Her timing and use of language reminds me of my favorite writer Sam Greenlee who wrote The Spook who sat by the Door. The book has its ear to the street just like his work did. The flow of Maya, emeets the political awareness of Sam Greenlee, with the highs and lows, and mirror of the black experience that Langston gave the people. A great book!!!!!

on May 10, 2016
LOVE THIS BOOOK! Couldn’t put it down! This collection of poems in inspiration and fuel. It is a great example of creative political statement and I have found it extremely helpful for classroom use when dissecting the intersections of art, activism and poetry. The author’s poetic style is clear and if your a history buff you will love the think roots.

on August 14, 2016
I tore through it in one sitting.
Funny, Dear Teacher, and Mules Fight Back are still singing in my head.
If you care about human rights, love powerful poetry, and want to experience the musings of writer with her hand on the pulse of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, go out and grab yourself a copy. Below is an excerpt.
Mules Fight Back by Kristin Richardson JordanI’ve heard the Black woman’s “lazy”
the Black woman’s “mean”
just this crazy “Emasculator” or a “baby machine”
A “hooch mama” or a gluttonous mess
My body is nonsexual, oversexed or “sassy” at best
And I’ve also been called stupid, emotional, unclean
I’ve even been judged
by those who call me their “queen”
then worked like a beast
but am stuck outside America’s dream…

on May 1, 2016
This book manages to use poetry to touch on really important issues like women’s rights and empowerment, police brutality, and beauty with such beautiful, poignant prose. Definitely a must read.

on June 14, 2016
Thoughtful and provocative. KRJ’s work is a retort to an older literary reference, but also a timely and contemporary response to critical issues of today.

Kristin performing her signature poem “Mules Fight Back” page 95



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